Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jane's Quilt

Pattern: Easy Lap Quilt from Bend-the-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol.
Materials: Purchased at Brooklyn Mercantile and Fiber Notion, both in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Completed: September 2008.

I have spent nearly every day of my maternity leave hanging out with or talking to my new friend R, whose daughter Jane was born the same day as our little Sam. Together we have attempted sing-a-longs, roamed the park and obsessed over sleep (and our children's seeming disdain for it, day or night).

When I saw these Dick & Jane fabrics I had to make a little something to thank R and Jane for all of the good times.

Here are a few not-so-good pictures, but trust me, it came out really cute!

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Carrie said...

R - This is so cute! I'm sure Jane will LOVE it.