Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Everyone needs PJs

My oldest and best friend, A, lives allllll the way out in Portland, Oregon, which is entirely too far away from the East Coast. She generally comes home for Christmas and we and our other oldest friends spend Christmas Eve together over buttery potatoes and steak at our friend J's parents' house (J, mother of Little J, recipient of a certain pair of pink pajammies).

Well, A's 9 month old son, L, has been a delightfully adorable child... except for the part where he pretty much refuses to sleep. After 9 painful months, L's parents have absolutely had it with him and are taking their two week Holiday vacation to sleep train the pants off of him in his very own crib, rather than coming home for the week. Everyone is very disappointed (save L, who has no clue, although who will be disappointed upon learning he is going to be whipped into shape).

Since A will be alone with little L this Christmas, I sent them a care package. It included two books for A (The Man With a Wooden Hat and A Far Cry From Kensington), a book for L (Five Little Monkeys), hot chocolate mix, chocolate chip cookies (Vegan, because L is allergic to eggs) and a homemade pair of pajamas to inspire L to sleep sleep sleep!

The husband helpfully pointed out they looked like the curtains Julie Andrews used to make playclothes in the Sound of Music (and truth be told, I did buy the fabric originally to make curtains for the child's room), but I had to go to the stash and work with what was available.

Hopefully everyone will get some rest and they can come back home soon!

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