Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Jane's Quilt

I've been waiting to post this until it was done and gifted to the recipient, and somehow 6 months snuck by since my last post! Whoops.

Anyway, this quilt is for my friend J's new baby, Baby J. She arrived in January but the quilt wasn't finished until this week. I love it, and it goes smashingly with Baby J's navy nursery, if I do say so myself. I'm quite proud of myself - this is the most complicated thing I've patched together and it is so exciting when the corners line up!

Fabric: From Purl Patchwork
Pattern: Sweet Redbird by Liberty Star.
Started: Hmm, Fall 2008?
Finished: March 2009

I added a little tag for the recipient, which is embroidered on twill tape.

A couple more pictures here.

This weekend I'm taking a free motion quilting class at City Quilter with my new crafty friend, M, and I'm super excited to break free of my straight line quilting! She's way more advanced than me and already knows how to free motion, but I suppose everyone can use a refresher.


jordanbee said...

Mama J and Baby J alike ADORE this delightful gift. Grazie and mwah.

Carrie said...

R, this is so incredibly beautiful! Baby J is so lucky. Oh, and Mama J, if you're reading this, we want to see pics of the quilt in the nursery please!