Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Some very special pajamas

My friend J has a lovely family tradition: on Christmas morning every year she and her grown sisters gather around their parents' Martha-Stewart-would-be-jealous tree and tear into their Martha-Stewart-perfectly-wrapped presents in their festive matching pajamas. This has been going on since they were babies, and now for the time J will be bringing her own Baby J to Baby J's first Christmas. Big J declined her mom's offer to provide matching Christmas PJs for Baby J, but was dismayed to find that all of the festive holiday baby jammies (or sleeper deepers as they are now known in our house) were sold out when she went searching.

Me to the rescue: I offered to whip up a pair of baby pajams from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones. We chose the fabric together - the cutiest pink flannel snowmen I ever did see paired with matching hot pink stripes, all rushed to my door from Flannel Queen. I absolutely cannot wait to give them to her this weekend - the are so freaking cute. I just pray they fit. Assuming they do, Little J's cuteness paired with their lovely Christmas morning will make for some great photo ops.

I also added a little tag to the back of the pants with Baby J's initials and the year, so she'll know which way is front and of course for the keepsake value:

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