Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hats off to me

Baby ear flap hat: Check!
Pattern: Loosely based on the beanie in Simple Knits for Cherished Babies.
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8 from School Products.
Modifications: Cast on more stitches due to different gauge. Tubular cast-on for brim. Added ear flaps inspired by "Kim's Hats" in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, also with some modifications (I did four rows decreasing at either end and then did decreases at each end of each row which created the cupped look). I also stitched his initial on the back, so he's easily identifiable in a crowd.

Baby B is going to try it on tomorrow so let's hope it works!

Fishtrap aran hat: Check !!!
Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Fishtrap Aran Swatchcap from Knitter's Almanac.
Yarn: Brooks' Farm Four Play, purchased at Rhinebeck.
Modifications: That would suggest there was an actual pattern to follow...

Yes, that's right - I finished the twisted stitch beast. I sat down and knit furiously right through Pride and Prejudice and now it's all over but the blocking (which is in progress). As I've complained, this was not my favorite thing to knit. There were so many stitches to move on every cabling row (i.e., every other row) that it made my hands hurt. Plus, I'm a girl who likes order and instruction in her knitting. I did not particularly enjoy winging the crown shaping, although it came out nicely enough. In the end, I am pleased with the hat and it looks great on my head, if I do say so myself (modeling pictures tomorrow when it's dry). Added bonus: I have at least half the ball of yarn left. It will not become another Fishtrap hat, sorry folks.

Also blocking: The Boy's Bubble Scarf
Pattern: Bubble Scarf from Scarf Style
Yarn: Silky Tweed by Elsebeth Lavold
Modifications: None!

I finished this scarf over a year ago. The Boy wore it almost every day, and it was in desperate need of a bath and a block. So here are some shots of it reblocking. I loved working on this - great pattern, great yarn and great finished product.


Rose said...

WOW....awesome projects! My hat is off to you.

keri said...

Came over here from the zimmermania blog - love the hat it looks really nice! What a bummer that it was such a pain =)

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, you've been knitting up a storm - I'm absolutely impressed by your finished projects! I especially love the Aran hat, it's so gorgeous! Great work!

Jeff said...

That hat- wow- fantastic indeed! Don't even get me started on the scarf. If I had a scarf like that, I too would be wearing it everyday. Just a few more projects and I'm doing a very luxurious scarf- after all, that Silky Wool is a dream to work with.