Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My first meme!

I've been tagged by Liesl! My first meme! How very exciting: six weird things about me. Let's see now...

1. I do not like getting into an unmade bed. Since the husband gets up after I leave for work (and hates making the bed with the fire of a thousand suns), this often means I make the bed when I'm ready to go to sleep, and promptly unmake it by hopping under the covers.

2. I was an art history major in college, then a mainframe computer programmer and now I'm a tax attorney. People who know me agree that items two and three are weird, for me.

3. I don't do my own taxes. See #2 for why this is weird.

4. Last December I broke my big left toe running for a conference call and now it does not bend. My podiatrist noted now I will never be a ballerina on pointe. As if that was going to happen anyway...

5. Speaking of toes, mine like to be kept together at all times. I hate hate hate when something gets between them. In fact, it was only two years ago that I began wearing thong flip-flops, and this took daily toe training. It's still not my favorite.

Now the issue of who to tag... since I don't know if anyone is really reading this and it's quite possible I'm the last person in creation to be tagged with this meme, I will tag some commenters - Veronica, Lisa and Chelsea you're up!

Updated to add:
6. It appears I cannot count (I posted this with only five weird things). This is weird because I play with numbers a lot in my job, plus I'm 30, and have had at least 27 years of practice with the counting, particularly numbers one through ten.

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Lisa said...

Hey there! I am finally getting around to this meme. Thanks for the tag.