Sunday, July 29, 2007


Ravelry is fantastic for a lot of things, one of which is procrastination. In order to avoid doing work and writing my bridesmaid speech (which I'll be delivering next week at about this time, god help me), I thought I'd better photograph and catalog all of my stash yarn. This took the better part of yesterday afternoon, and I discovered I have (a) a bunch of sock yarn I will likely never use, (b) one very small sweater's worth of Cotton Glace, and (c) a gojillion oddballs (sometimes two balls-worth) of every conceivable yarn weight, none of which match each other. So I organized my yarn drawers and put oddballs in plastic bags by gauge and now it's all tidy, although no more useful. Yippee! Does this mean I can buy more yarn?

Now then, is there anything else I can do around here to avoid writing my speech? Oh right, block a half-finished baby sweater and commence obsessing over the new Interweave Knits.

I finally finished the second front of the Dolly baby sweater which I've been working on for months, despite the fact it's only big enough for a baby. As I've said, the yarn is Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4-ply and it's being scratchy and splitty and generally not so much fun. Plus the pattern is one of those "reverse shaping for other side" jobs which drives me bananas, especially when the first side's pattern includes a lot of "do as set for the last 10 rows 8 more times but decreasing every 2 rows 4 times and then every 6 rows 8 times," etc. etc. Do what?! I can read a pattern, but this makes my head hurt. When I finished both fronts they were little shrively pink bits and I had no idea how big the sweater was going to be, so I was eager to stretch it out for a blocking. Of course, now that I see how big the sweater is I still have no big the average baby is, so it was not much help, although it does look pretty all flattened out.

As for Interweave, I'm loving these two designs:

I'm already envisioning Beaverslide for the first one... Yes Arwen, I see you lurking on the shelf, giving me the evil-unfinished-sweater eye, and quit it! If you were more fun to knit we'd play more, but for the meantime you are staying put.

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Louise said...

hi there - I am also attempting the dolly baby pattern and it is hurting my head too!-( Do I stop k2tog and only do it on the laternative rows its states - blimey whty does it have to sound so complicated - I am sure it is very straight forward - any tips will be gratefully received.