Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Variety of Obsessions

I have two new obsessions:
1. Ravelry.
2. Flickr.

Let's start with Ravelry. Obviously I'm not the first to cry its praises but I LOVE this thing. If you're not already signed up, go get yourself on the waitlist. I have now spent hours uploading all sorts of things, browsing around, admiring other people's stuff and having endless fun. If you're on there, go find me ("onepotato") and let's be friends.

The new obsession with Ravelry then required me to bite the bullet and get a for-real Flickr account. I have actually been resisting this for a long time. I don't love dealing with Flickr and kind of sigh every time I click on a picture and it launches me over there. However, since uploading a ton of photos and beginning to organize them (they are still a shambles, but I'm getting there), I'm becoming a fan. So come be my friend there too!

Right, now back to the crafty stuff. One of my projects is top secret and I will show it next week. I have also been slaving away on my Frost & Flowers shawl. I still love it but fear this project is e-n-d-l-e-s-s. I am not even done with the second ball and have an entire skein left to go. I will persevere. My goal is to be done by Stitches East this fall.

I've also been working on this sweet little baby sweater from the Jaeger JB29 baby book. The yarn is Jaeger matchmaker merino 4-ply. It's a little rough for baby knits, in my opinion, but I think a bath in Eucalan will sort it out. It's slow going as well, though - size 3 needles like the lace. I'm not loving the pattern writing either, so this little item takes a lot of focus, which I don't have when rolling home from work. I fear the recipient will be 3 before I finish - I'm making a 12-18mo but she already looks too big and she's only been around for a couple months!

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keri said...

Oooh frost and flowers looks really pretty!