Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hopping to

With the new fall knitting magazines out I'm feeling the need to gitty up on my current knitting projects. I really don't like having that many WIPs going at once, so I'm trying to knock a few off the list so I can start new ones in good faith.

For the fall knitting, I've decided to start with Eunny's Tangled Yoke Cardigan from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits (for non-ravelrers). I am sure I will be in good company in knitting this, considering it's been queued on Ravelry 460 times and counting. I decided against starting with the Placed Cable Aran, which I also adore, because I think I'll get more wear out of the cardigan; I have little opportunity to wear big heavy wool sweaters in my life, it seems. My yarn order is placed, but the Felted Tweed is backordered for 3 weeks! Bother.

However, this is an excellent opportunity to set a deadline for finishing some lingering knits. I would most like to knock off the Dolly baby sweater I've been laboring on since March. There is no reason a baby sweater should take 6 months! It took me 5 months to knit the two front pieces and one week to knit the back, so that's an improvement. I'm also blocking them as I go because they knit up to shriveled stockinette bits of nothing and that's no fun.

I started sleeve #1 today. This pattern has repeatedly bugged me - I'd rather they take the extra space to write out the reverse shaping than telling me to figure it out myself. It's not rocket science, but it's annoying. Also, for the scalloped edge on the sleeve (which is adorable), I'm instructed to lift 8 stitches over the first stitch on the left needle. I started doing a whole operation with my crochet hook before I realized slipping them over one at a time was just as good, and a thousand times easier. At the end of the scalloping I had 49 stitches and they tell me I'm meant to have 50. For the life of me I have no idea where the missing stitch went - the row is not that long and I can see everything I did, and all of my numbers line up. An error in the pattern? I'd like to think so, but there is no errata to be found for Jaeger patterns anywhere on the Internets. I mean, are they really that good at writing patterns? Suspicious. At any rate, I fudged and carried on. I know the infant will not care, and if the second sleeve winds up the same then I'll be vindicated. Isn't the scalloping cool? I love it.


Chrisknits said...

Patterns can have serious errors. If you math works out, go with it. Fudging is permissible. Going crazy over it isn't!

Looks darling!!!

keri said...

Grr I hate half written sweater instructions too! I konw I can figure it out, but after I've paid for a pattern I'd rather they do the math for me ;)

Hope all is well! =)

Shelley Hocknell Zentner said...

Do you know where can i get a copy of this pattern? - it's gorgeous! the Ravelry site says it's out of print - thanks!

rfg said...

Hi Shelley - I don't know where you can get a copy (I got mine ages ago) but I'd be willing to lend it to you if you like! Send me an email (under "About Me" in the right sidebar) and we can work something out.