Thursday, December 21, 2006

Big Green

This is another finished object from the past, and one of my favorites. I call her Big Green.

Big Green is sort of my anti-poncho. I wanted to knit a poncho back when they first came back into vogue, butI was afraid I wouldn't finish it before they went out of style (note, that has yet to occur, but I was skeptical). The pattern is from Scarf Style by Pam Allen. The yarn is Silky Tweed by Elsebeth Lavold and I got it for an absolute steal on sale at Purl about two years ago (this was good because I used around 15 skeins and didn't have a drop left). I love knitting with this yarn - it's tweedy and rugged, yet it isn't filled with nettles and other vegetation and it's not rough on my hands. I know it's boring to knit the pattern in the same color as the picture in the book, but I did just love this green so what could I do.

Big Green took about a year to knit - she's made up of four garter stitch triangles that grew from five stitches to 375. My husband calculated there are over 100,000 stitches! I lost interest in about half way through, then picked her back up, then lost interest again, and finally finished her while studying for the bar exam (when all I could handle was garter stitch and lots of it).

She's assembled with a three-needle bind off between each triangle. One corner-to-center seam is left unseamed, then you pick up stitches up the seam and down the other side and knit a few stockinette rows to make the pretty rolled edge.

I love to throw her on over a light sweater or denim jacket in the spring or fall. And I always get compliments on her! (Such as the guy in the DMV, decked out in Giants regalia from head to toe, who was hoping I'd knit him one... but that's another story.)

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Catherine said...

A year! Seemed that it came together faster than that. Guess I should stop drooling over Flicca as I have no bar exam to stitch while I study.