Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I guess I have accomplished something

I always feel like I'm getting nowhere on all of my projects but turns out this here blog is helpful for showing that's not the case! I only got to knit for 15 minutes yesterday, but look how far these two pieces have come since their last appearances!

First, the Anemoi Mittens - I've reached the chart! They are still as much fun as ever. I never get tired of Koigu. Unfortunately this project is not very portable - between the five needles, two balls of yarn and 8"x11" chart, I feel like I'm taking up half the subway when I work on this. Sadly, this means it isn't getting so much love right now.

Next, the Frost & Flowers Scarf. I just love love love working on this thing. It is so soothing, and I love the pattern so much that I have to stop every row to admire and pet it. I'm actually another repeat further along than shown in these pictures. This thing is going to take forever though - it doesn't feel like the ball of yarn is getting any smaller and I still have two more to go!

As for that Fishtrap Hat... um... uh... I don't know what you're talking about.

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