Friday, December 08, 2006

Hello frogger!

I decided to take Cara's post from a few days ago to heart and not knit what I don't like. These mittens have been ignored on the WIP shelf for oh... a year? That's just not right. The pattern is from Nancy's Bush's Folk Knitting in Estonia. Love the book, hate working on the mittens for unknown reasons. After seeing Eunny's drool-worthy new design, I got up the courage to rip. Or I should say, I got up the courage to contemplate ripping... they are as yet still intact.

I wanted to point out my little chart. I tend to knit a lot during the commute and usually copy and shrink my patterns so they don't get destroyed on the road. For this one I cut out the chart, pasted it to an index card and tied it to the mitten - hurray for portability!

So long little mitten! On to better things.

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