Sunday, December 03, 2006

Project Runway: Baby Style

When my friend M got pregnant I set to work creating a little sweater for her little boy to-be. This was no easy task, as M is undeniably a goddess when it comes to all things creative and classy. No acrylic baby blue puffball would do!

I settled instead on the elegant garter stitch cardigan from Erica Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies in Rowan Wool Cotton. I wanted colors that were soft, but would be suitable for what would surely be a very sophisticated baby.

Indeed, Baby J looks like quite the stud in his new threads, and from what I hear the sweater has even attracted attention from spectators on the street! What a lady's man!


Mommy M said...

I love the muted colors. Too many baby things are in primary colors. I think it's nice to dress children in sweeter versions of what you would like on a grown-up. All the stripes, dots, red, green and electric blue in baby stores it's like every boy has to look like a little Robin Williams.

Lori said...

How adorable! Found your blog through Zimmermania! You are definitely on my to-read list!

carrie said...

spectacular! what a lovely picture. (i love that little pig doll, too!)