Sunday, December 03, 2006

The collar that may just choke me

I am a big fan of Jo Sharp's designs even though they are sometimes hard to find in the U.S. I was particularly excited about her new book, Knit 1, and in particular the beautiful sweater on the cover. I decided to make the shorter version and even shortened it a bit beyond that. After miles and miles of stockinette, the sweater body is done. The collar is knit in k2, p2 rib, separately, and attached afterwards (it's that shriveled thing with all the stitch markers). Now all that's left is the attaching!

After two hours of weaving in ends and blocking of the collar this morning, I attempted to put it on four times. I am a real perfectionist when it comes to seaming and finishing and this thing was not cooperating. So it's been relegated to a heap on the couch as punishment. Sadly then I had to turn to some real work for the rest of the day so it seems I was punished too. Hopefully by next weekend this mass of gray will materialize into a gorgeous finished object.

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