Sunday, January 28, 2007

Retail therapy

Yesterday my friend C and I hit Manhattan with a major shopping list. Many fun things were purchased.

The first stop was School Products, where C snatched up two pounds (!!) of gorgeous charcoal gray cashmere merino on a giant cone to knit herself a Flicka. It promises to be fantastic. I also picked up another hank of big fat cashmere to make a hat for my friend V. I used this yarn on my so-called udon hat (which I have yet to photograph). I love that hat, but I think I'll go down a needle size because the stitch turned out a little open, it's a wee bit big and most importantly, my dear V has a little tiny peanut head.

We then headed down to Purl Patchwork where I purchased various unphotogenic bits and bobs including lightweight quilt batting, heavyweight fusible interfacing, cream cotton and sewing machine needles. In addition, somehow I am incapable of leaving there without one or two colorful scraps of fabric and this trip was no different.

It was then on to Purl. I saw this beautiful pink garter stitch scarf in Malabrigo and was smitten. I'm not ordinarily a pink person but I just loved that scarf and when I saw some Malabrigo on eBay, home it came. Unfortunately, it arrived a bit more cotton candy than anticipated. No matter, a little rose mohair should do the trick. I'll hold them together, the mohair will melt into the Malabrigo and my pink will be divine.

While at Purl I also picked up some Fibre Company Terra for my mother in law (hi mom!). She is going to be making a mobius wrap thingum with some Noro Silk Garden I have left over from my Lady Eleanor wrap. The Noro colorway is discontinued #34. Bizarrely, this colorway has elements that blend almost seamlessly into a number of Terra colors. I chose one green/purple that almost disappears into the Noro and one wine/purple to bring out the purple in the Noro and add a reddish element.

Speaking of Lady Eleanor, here she is. I finished this last summer and she stays in my overly air-conditioned office where I rarely have a camera handy to photograph her. The pattern is from Scarf Style by Pam Allen. I highly recommend this project! I get many compliments on her.

I will share some photos of works in progress tomorrow, including two small sewing projects. On the knitting front, things are progressing, although it seems I've signed myself into stockinette hell for the foreseeable future.


hallie said...

can i comission a lady eleanor? that is GORGEOUS!

hallie said...

i think i spelled commission wrong. :)

keri said...

I was eyeing that scarf too, isn't that gorgeous? I really need some malabrigo now!

carrie said...

oh, your lady eleanor is fabulous! i bet you appreciated her during the bitter cold this week, huh?

looking forward to seeing the malabrigo. that yarn is diving.