Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow Day!

Ok not quite a snow day... but there was snow, and it is a day, so technically it is a snow day. I woke up to big fat snowflakes floating about outside. By the time I walked out the door for work all that was left was this sodden mess, but I think we can still agree that Brooklyn is beautiful in the snow.

Now to the real matter at hand: mittens. Finishing those Anemois has made my fingers itchy for more fair isle, and specifically more Koigu fair isle. After ripping the disasterous pink socks I have a batch of hot pink Koigu at the ready. I rummaged through the stash and unearthed this buttery yellow from an abandoned baby sweater. I only have one skein so using it as contrast color on fair isle mittens is the perfect project. I don't necessarily know if I would have bought these two together, but I think they pair up nicely.

This time I'm going to use a more traditional pattern than Anemoi. I made these mittens last year using the Frostrosen kit from Nordic Fiber Arts (by the way, they've updated their website so you should all go have a look). When my friend M saw them, she requested a pair in a brighter color and softer yarn. I think hot pink Koigu should do the trick! This time, I'm planning to carry the contrast color in my left hand and see how the yarn dominance situation works out.

Although I am very excited about this new project, I am going to behave and not start on it until I've made some serious progress on the cowl. Unfortunately, it's only about 1" long right now, so that could be a while.

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keri said...

That is so funny how we like to knit the same things! Did your frostrosens fit? Mine were way too big!