Friday, January 05, 2007

We have mitten

I finished one of my Anemoi mittens and I love love love it! In these pictures it's still wet and blocking, but I couldn't resist the hand model shot. The Koigu softened and loosened a bit during blocking, and of course a good bath makes for happy fair isle.

I've been reading a lot about yarn dominance and it is definitely in play here. I knit continental, so I prefer to keep my more heavily-used yarn in the left hand and the contrast in the right. As is evident in the palm shot, the blue background dominates the white. I considered switching it up in the other mitten, but I'm afraid the difference will be unpleasantly significant. So, I think I will save that for the endpapers.

To avoid second mitten syndrome, I've already cast on for the mate. Remember how it took me 6 hours to cast on? Try 5 minutes this time; I'm a regular Italian tubular cast-on expert.

I've also wound up my freshly bathed Koigu. Delicious!
This weekend, though, I have big plans to get more thread and finish the beloved potholders so my friend doesn't have another birthday before I give her this year's gift.

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Lisa said...

That mitten is awesome. The blue is great. Does the blue dominate b/c of the color or the placement of the stitches (more blue vs white)? Still fantastic.