Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where's that metrocard?

I have a nasty habit of misplacing my slippery little metrocard. I prefer not to keep it in my wallet because I don't like excavating and opening my wallet in the middle of the subway station. So, I usually keep the metrocard in an inside pocket of whatever bag I'm carrying. Then I wind up fumbling around like a madwoman the turnstile while some guy in a suit barks at me to swipe the card or step aside. I used to have a handy plastic sleeve for my card... but I lost it.

Inspired by my old sleeve, I wanted to make a little slipcover for my card to give it some more substance in the pocket and make it easier to find when I'm groping around and suits are hollering at me.
Behold, the metrocard sleeve. You might recognize the fabric from my DPN case. I measured my metrocard and doubled the length plus a 1/4" on all sides. I cut out two pieces of fabric and a piece of heavyweight interfacing. I ironed one piece of fabric to the interfacing. I then sewed wrong sides together, turned things inside out, folded the whole mess in half and sewed up the side seams right up close to the edge. I'm particularly proud of the little notch in the top - it's the first time I've sewn anything curved on my machine! Ok, so I used the needle wheel to hand stitch each stitch. But it's curved, so there.


keri said...

Looks good!

Katie said...

That's really cute! And I love yor eyeglass case. I'm so glad it finally agreed to work for you. =) It's tough figuring out something from scratch like that.