Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I love supplies. Love. Them. In many ways, they are better than yarn (stashers, hold on to your hair). You can use your crafty supplies on all of your projects. When a project is finished, the fun is not over - supplies work just as well on the next one! The right supplies make any crafty endeavor easier. They can also open up a world of new project possibilities (who can deal with lace without stitch markers?). For example, you may have noted my affection for my bias tape maker - it's ingenious in its simplicity, produces a neat and pretty finished product and drastically reduces the effort needed to produce the same result by other methods. I'll put bias tape edging on anything that will sit still long enough!

This weekend I acquired a fantastic new bit of kit - the cutest crochet hook ever created (Chapstick included for scale). I often prefer to weave in ends and other finishing with a crochet hook instead of a tapestry needle. Problem is, crochet hooks, particularly the skinny-especially-useful ones, like to escape from my knitting bag and apartment like it's their job. Imagine my delight when I saw this little gem at the counter of my local yarn shop. The best part is it fits in my little pouch of critical knitting supplies - no more escapee hooks!

Along with my knitting I always tote a small zip pouch full of knit tool goodness. Here's my kit, clockwise from left to right: (1) row/stitch counters (three may be overdoing it, but at some point all were in rotation, plus the little blue one has a loose dial and likes to lose count so it's really just along for the ride), (2) safety pin-like stitch markers (for securely hooking onto particular stitches), (3) two other varieties of stitch markers (one that slips on the needle and one that hooks into the knitted fabric), (4) my new baby crochet hook, (5) Chibi needles, (6) my mom's old spring stitch markers (these are purely sentimental and I can't resist a little plastic box), (7) retractable tape measure and (8) collapsible scissors.

I also have a little problem with pattern collection... but that's for another day.


keri said...

I am an accessory FANATIC - I have about every knitted item know to man including each and every chibi color. It's my thing and I love it! =)

Cabstand said...

Me too! I saw that little crochet hook at my lys and fell in love. Best of all, I recently had a dropped stitch several rows back, I actually found the hook and put the little guy to use on tiny size 1 stitches. I love that little thing!