Saturday, February 10, 2007

Arwen's got back

One Arwen back: Done. Although the instructions tell me to bind it off, I left it on a stitch holder because I am sure I can find some way to join the fronts and hood without sewing the whole mess together. I wove in the ends as I went along and gave the piece a steam blocking to prevent loss of momentum when sweater-finishing malaise sets in.

There is still much to go, and I'm a little bored, although the cables on the front help a bit.

My new Interweave Knits arrived today too. I like the new format - the photographs of the knits seem clearer and make it very easy to see the pieces. Unfortunately, they also make it clear there is nothing I want to knit in this issue. This often happens to me with spring/summer patterns - I don't love cotton yarn or whispy lightweight knitted things. I've only been through it once, but this issue also seems to have a lot of long tunic-y things that do not work well on my not-tall body.

I'm still powering through stockinette land. My cowl is nearing completion! Maybe then I'll have some interesting show-and-tell. Otherwise, much work and not much progress to report around here, although I'll show you my new fabric friends once they are out of the dryer and ironed.

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keri said...

Which picture is the color more true - I can't tell if it's blue or grey. Nevertheless its looking lovely.

I have to disagree with you on the new interweave layout- they're following the standard layout of other knitting magazines, I hate it when they place all the instructions in the back of the mag. Ah well - no biggie! =)

How's that zip pouch going??? =)