Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stash, meet your new friend

Stash, meet 2200 meters of hand-dyed pale blue cashmere laceweight from Hipknits. This is the laceweight version of the sock yarn I'm using for my cowl, which is turning out downright delicious. It's en route to me, all for only £18! Now the dollar is weak weak weak against the Almighty Pound at the moment, but we are still talking less than $40 for all of that cashmere! Plus, shipping is INCLUDED! Even overseas! Basically, it's insane, and you should all go forth and buy some.

Lord knows what I'll do with it... 2200 meters is a boatload of lace. Maybe one of the giant circular shawls from A Gathering of Lace? Hey, it's cashmere, I'm sure I can put it to some productive use.

1 comment:

keri said...

Lucky you - I've been drooling over that yarn for a long time!