Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Big fight

I am in a big fight with the good people at Phildar at the moment. Three and a half weeks ago, I ordered a magazine from their website. The site says that if your order doesn't arrive within two weeks, contact them, which I have done... about 8 times. The only contact option is through an online form - there is no phone number - and it seems they only respond to email on alternate Tuesdays when the sun is shining.

Their first email response to my inquiry said to contact them if the package didn't arrive after two weeks (more than two weeks had already passed, so wasn't that what I'd just done?). I responded accordingly, and their second response revealed they had omitted my state from the package address. They suggested perhaps someone else from my house accepted the package? (No.) Or maybe I could call the post office to see if they had it. Call the post office! Have you ever tried calling the post office in New York City to see if they had a misplaced envelope? Sometimes I go to the post office and they can't find the stamps! (I'm not kidding.) Clearly, not a feasible solution.

Despite my response to their suggestions last week and my pleas to replace the order (with promises to return any duplicates received), I have had radio silence on the other end of the line. Really, I am very very annoyed.

Update: Apparently my rage has been successfully telegraphed to the good people of Phildar and they have today informed me that they will be resending my pattern! Not clear if my State will be included this time, but here's hoping. Keep your fingers crossed!


keri said...

The lack of customer service at many online knit places is amazing and very infuriating. I've been in your shoes before.

One intersesting fact - there was a time that many of the packages I should be receiving were disappearing into thing air. I went into my local postoffice and asked to speak with the post master general there and he personally checked into it.

I know the sheer number of packages is absurd, and the fact that they forgot your STATE is crazy.

Final word - they should send you a new book, especially since Amy Singer of knitty personally recommended them in interweave.

Chelsea/Mom said...

You go, sister. Fight the (evil knitting company) power!

Liesl said...

Ack. I hope it arrives. But more importantly, which one did you order? Can't wait to see...