Monday, March 26, 2007

Snip snip

Do you ever write a whole blog post? When you haven't written one in over a week? And it takes you like, half an hour? And then you post it and Blogger pukes on you and it all gets lost? Yeah, I hate when that happens.

Anyway, it's been slow going here at One Potato. Long work hours and daylight savings time have meant little time to make projects and even less time to photograph what has been made.

This weekend I finished cutting out the rest of the fabric for my Hop Skip Jump quilt. It's a good thing this quilt is wonky by design because if it wasn't... well it was going to be anyway. There were definitely some errors made as I raced through piles of fabric with my friendly rotary cutter. I trust that it will all be ok and am deluded into thinking the sewing will take way less time than the cutting. It will at least be a thousand times more fun. Oh cutting, how I despise thee.

Ready, steady, cut!Pile of fabricky fun

This week I also got my blue laceweight cashmere from Hipknits. In the ongoing conspiracy being waged against me by the international postal system, the first shipment did not arrive. (Please advise me immediately if you see a UK or US postal worker with a powder blue cashmere shawl anytime soon.) However, the kind people at Hipknits sent a replacement and it came within a week. The color is well represented on the website and it's so pretty!

Finally this weekend I took a field trip to Purl Patchwork with my friend S, who has recently redone her kitchen and plans to adorn her bare wall with a big swath of beautiful fabric stretched over a frame. After coffee and sustenance at Once Upon a Tart, we chose a large repeating print with a bittersweet orange background and bird silhouettes and a butterfly and flowers. I can't find it on the website, but trust me, it's awesome, and will look fantastic on the wall. I may just have to invite myself over for dinner.


kathy said...

Oh my! My fingers are so jealous... I'm off now to find my ebony knitting needles... but where to find some luscious cornflower blue cashmere???

keri said...

Ok that yarn is drop-dead gorgeous. Y-U-M-M-Y!!

Can't wait to see your quilt...I'm still having issues with getting myself a 1/4 foot, it's rather suprising until you consider how many issues you've had with overseas shipping. Perhaps somethings wrong with the universe!

sarah said...

You are SO invited to dinner. Unfortunately, multiple weekends out of town mean project hasn't gone to the next step. Soon, soon... S