Thursday, March 15, 2007

Toys but no toy time

Goodness me it's been over a week since my last post! Work has been kicking my butt lately, which means no time for knitting or sewing or anything but working and sleeping, and certainly no time for blogging.

However, I'm going to sneak in and show you some of the fun goodies I picked up last weekend during a day with Mom in New Jersey.

First stop was Mom's new favorite knitting shop in Montclair, Stix'n Stitches. Chef recommends! I wish I had some pictures. This place is great - tons of beautiful yarn, lots of books and a really friendly atmosphere with plenty of space to sit and knit. I picked up some Louet linen:

I realize I can probably get this at my local yarn store, but it seemed particularly intriguing at this shop for some reason. Who knows what it will become... Mason Dixon handtowels? It seems a bit rich to me to handknit towels, but I bet it would be really soothing.

Next stop was the Rag Shop. I'm sure this is of little excitment to people who live just about anywhere else in the country, but in NYC, where we have access to everything, it can be a major ordeal to get the most basic sewing supplies. Generally, it necessitates a trip to the garment district, which is great, but not super convenient, especially when many stores are geared for the trade and only open 8-5 on weekdays. So, I stocked up on zippers and bobbins and other fun things. Joy!

Now if only I had time to crack open the packages and make something!


keri said...

I bought some euroflax to knit a bubbly curtain, although in the meantime I started a washclosth just to try it out. After I washed the swatch it got really soft, although knitting with it raw makes it feel like string, not a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

hellooo my little rhea beee, i love your crafty knitty blog... who are all the cute kids you get to photograph? anyway, i wish i was a knitter but my mom is (although she leans towards crocheting) anyway I am going to forward this along so she can be hip to knit shit yo. ok love and miss you and love to see those beautiful scarfies wrapped around your neck!