Monday, December 18, 2006


I picked up these fabrics at Purl Patchwork last weekend to make a gift for my best friend's birthday. As I 've mentioned, I have a serious fear of actually taking scissor to fabric, so it took me a week to get up the courage to cut and about two hours of meticulous measuring before one fiber was severed. Plus, I had to measure, mark and cut without my trusty rotary cutter and mat because of the size of the pieces (although I'm sure a more adept sewer could have handled this). I resorted to cutting with scissors (gasp!), as instructed in the pattern. Drawing straight lines on hardwood floors is not easy friends!*

This is what became of the living room in the midst of the, um... fun (?). Apologies for the dark picture, this adventure lasted well beyond daylight hours.

In the end I finally got everything cut out. However, not one stitch was sewn! So much for having this finished upon the friend's arrival next weekend. Not to mention I didn't even begin cutting the pieces for the matching potholders. I guess this will have to be a belated birthday package.

* Adding to the frenzy was a two hour tiff with my email server at work which was preventing me from emailing out a document I'd been waiting to send all weekend - in between each mark and measurement I would trot back to the computer, call IT support, scream at my screen, etc.

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