Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fuzzy pink uterus

I am no great fan of Lambs Pride yarn, but I do think it has one fantastic use: the fuzzy pink uterus.* Every girl needs one, no?

I may be the only person to have actually made the Womb from Knitty. In fact, I've made three of them. It all started when my friend C was having trouble getting pregnant. Watching her go through all the testing and hope and disappointment was terrible. Finally I decided a lucky pink uterus just might do the trick - and it did! Soon after gifting the uterus, she got knocked up through IVF.

Since then I've tried to give a lucky uterus to each of my pregnant friends, although at this rate they are popping out kids faster than I can knit. I understand these are frequently toted along to the OB/GYN's office or petted for luck before a big appointment.

Here's Baby B with his (mmm... tasty):

Baby J's mama also got one. Now why don't you knit your childbearing friend a lucky uterus today?

* When not in use, the uterine yarn gets quarantined in a plastic bag in the back of the stash, lest it shed its pink fuzz-spawn all over everything in sight.

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Mommy M said...

I believe the knit uterus to have powers for healthy gestation as well as conception. But once I delivered I shared mine and my friend conceived the first month! Now we have passed it along to another friend in our craft circle so it's on to a third home. She doesn't want anyone to know she is trying, but likes to carry it around everywhere... it's very difficult to explain away.