Saturday, December 02, 2006

A little log cabin right here in Brooklyn

Today I finally got up the guts to cut fabric for the "Back to Square One" pillow from Denyse Schmidt's "Quilt-It Kit". I have been procrastinating on this for quite a time. It seemed really daunting to pin all the little pieces and cut them with scissors. The cutting takes me an absolute age - unlike knitting, you can't rip out once you cut, you're stuck with a stumpy or misshapen or otherwise unsuitable piece of fabric that then has to become part of a patchwork something else.
But I got over it, and pinned and cut and laid out and yippee, I was on my way. Here is everything laid out, being very well behaved.

I proceeded to turn the "office" (see also, junk room) into sewing centrale.And then I sew-sew-sewed and came up with this...
Huzzah! The only hiccup is that it seems my 200% "enlargement" was really more like 70% enlargement, so my "finished size" 14-inch pillow was only 10 inches. A little muslin fixed that right up and now it's perfecto. I'm also meant to quilt the thing but I think I'll leave as-is so it will make a nice pair with my other pillow.

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