Sunday, March 04, 2007

My little fairies

I had a hankering for some cross stitch this weekend and began excavating from my trove of unfinished stitching projects. I enjoy doing cross stitch, but I have never had any use for a finished project... they're always a little too country kitsch for my decorating aesthetic, if such a thing exists.

Nonetheless, I am totally smitten with these little Flower Fairy kits. I first found them at John Lewis in London six years ago and since then have completed five, with one more in production (the last one of the pictures does not have all of the outlining done) and two in the wings. They keep releasing new designs and I keep collecting them (my source is since I no longer live close to the beloved John Lewis). I just noticed some new designs which I had to have, so I'd better get cracking on finishing my current stash!

Fuchsia FairyRose FairyLavender FairyIris FairyTulip FairyLily of the Valley Fairy
Click on the pictures to see more detail.

Now, I'm not a "fairy" person - I had little interest in them as a child and never read the popular Flower Fairy books. But I love the colors, size (about 5"x7") and detail in these and also just the idea of them - they are so sweet! I have no idea what I'll ever do with them. I think they'd look cute framed in a little girl's room or maybe assembled into a quilt (which no one would be allowed to touch, ever). Until then, they will continue living undisturbed in my closet.


keri said...

They are really cute - whoever said cross stitch has to be stuffy?

Have you done any of hilary's embroidery characters? They're really cute!

Chelsea/Mom said...

I adore these but they're so You continually surprise me, R.

They'll look lovely in Baby Girl G's room one day, I am certain.