Monday, June 25, 2007

Pod for my Pod

Oh dear I am such a blogging delinquent. Looks like it's time for what's becoming a monthly post. I have been making things, honest!

A few weeks ago I got a new iPod Nano as my trusty Mini was getting full and the screen was beginning to do funny things when I went outside. Clearly this meant a new carrying case was in order. Inspired by Julieree's, I set to work. Unfortunately the first attempt was too small. The Pod looks like it's wearing waders and each entry and exit from the case required much wriggling about. Note the crazy patchwork pattern is not by design - I just had to keep adding pieces when I realized it was too tiny. The next attempt, however, was a success! Instead of cutting the two sides out of separate pieces, I used one long strip of patchwork and lightweight quilt batting folded in half, eliminating the bulk of a seam on the bottom.

Finally, look what came in the mail! Amy Karol's Bend-the-Rules Sewing! I'd almost forgotten I'd ordered it. What a fun book! The layout is really cute and the pictures are great. There are actually only a couple of things I'd make, unfortunately, but I am really psyched about the great technical advice. There are tips on providing stability to a bag without interfacing, how to trace patterns and all sorts of other good tidbits for which I find I'm always combing blogs and the internets - now they are all gathered in one handy place that doesn't look like a pile of ratty paper on my shelf. Money well spent!

Given my prior history with the post office, I just have to share how this book arrived. I ordered the book from Amaz0n. You know how it usually arrives in a box, shrink-wrapped to a piece of cardboard? Well, I opened my skinny little apartment building mailbox to find a piece of cardboard and the book, barely attached to said cardboard with the shredded remains of shirk-wrap folded in half and wedged inside. No! Box! No envelope! Nothing but a naked book! I am in awe that the thing actually arrived and relatively unscathed. But really, what gives??


keri said...

Haha! Who did you piss off at the post office to get blessed with such lovely delivery service? ;)

I love the 'pods, I'm going to have to make one now!

Carrie said...

The pod is adorable!